Home ​is​ Where the ♥ is

Our Mission

Our home is our sanctuary. Everyday we spend time thinking about how it can nourish us, our family and our community.

Houses used to be built with this intention – not just to be a roof, but to be a home, and we believe the EcoINstead model is the key to experiencing more homes that feed our soul, our relationships, our bodies and our minds. 

Josh & Heidi

The Vision

It’s possible to move Earth without moving The Earth.

We’re combining an understanding of community, sustainable building, construction, zoning and protocol development to bring sustainably-built short term rentals to the most beautiful places in Colorado.

By creating spaces intentionally built to meet the land where it is, we believe we can prove the viability of sustainable building practices that bring us closer together – while reducing cost, time, waste and impact on the local environment.

Our Values

Holistic homes, built with sustainable practices and roots in their community, require trade offs. We think that’s a strength not a weakness.

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